Our Team

Narigita Designs is a design firm that undertakes both major and minor renovations, remodeling, room additions and new construction for residential, hospitality and commercial interiors, exteriors and landscape .

Located in the lakeside city of Kisumu, we are a full-service interior design firm that designs and furnishes homes from inspiration to outcome, creating custom interiors that stand the test of time.

We come  into your spaces with creative designs, tasteful color palettes, efficient space plans, thorough details and specifications, and finally, project management. From inception to completion, the Narigita Designs Team handles every detail, bringing a unique human touch to your design.


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Our Partners

Architects, Contractors & Additional Contacts

Narigita Designs collectively works with associate Architects, Contractors and additional contacts (within the building environment), in developing the overall design and construction or renovation of the property. Utilizing only the finest of craftsmen in the industry, we have built a reputation for quality and timely completion resulting in happy clients, which continue to serve as the best referral source for our continued business.

Together, the team is proud to assist each client with a seamless transition, making the process a truly unforgettable journey for everyone involved.


Our Clients

 Clients Mean Everything

Narigita Designs is determined to remain as intimate in size as our team-to-client connections. Clients do mean everything to us and in order to ensure an equal level of dedicated service and attention, we limit the number of commissions accepted from clients at one time and keep a wait-list for future projects.  We are proud to boost countless repeated clients who consider Narigita Designs as their interior designer for life! Satisfying their home desires with quality design, creative imagination, time and dedication, Narigita designs has shown to continually exceed their client’s expectations. Trusting in her inherent gift of design, Esther’s clients continue to call upon her talents to transform their homes and remain the firm’s greatest marketing strategists. The clients, in return, share their new homes with the world, and most commonly their friends and family.


Live. Your. Style.

As Explained By Esther Tuju


“Every home we design is customized to fit each client’s specific wishes, budget considerations and lifestyle.

When there is a place for everything and everything has its place -that’s where true living begins”.


“When you look through my portfolio, you discover many different styles and tastes.
That is because each project is designed exclusively with the client in mind. I put myself in their shoes and it becomes easy for me to create a home that is uniquely theirs”.


“This is where I pour it on! Every home I design suits its homeowner perfectly, but it is my job to incorporate more style than anyone would ordinarily feel comfortable pulling together on his/her own.
This becomes the WOW factor every client is ultimately looking for!”